Please read all terms before purchasing geckos. You must be 18 or older to purchase a gecko. All geckos are sold on a first come first serve basis. Gecko purchases over $100 can be placed "ON HOLD" for 30 days with a 25% deposit. Purchases over $400 can be placed on hold for up to 60 days with a 25% deposit. If the balance plus shipping is not paid within the allotted time, the deposit will be forfeited and the geckos will be placed up for sale again. DO NOT add geckos to your shopping cart that you wish to place on hold. Contact us to check on availability and we will send you a PayPal invoice for the deposit amount. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with a credit or debit card.


 Gecko shipping is a flat rate of $49.00 per order and is added at checkout automatically. Multiple geckos can be shipped in the same order to save on shipping. Product shipping is by USPS priority mail and is calculated by weight. All geckos are shipped Monday thru Wednesday via FedEx Priority Overnight for delivery the following morning. Rural areas may not receive shipments until the afternoon. In rural areas we suggest you have your geckos shipped to a FedEx hub and held for pick up if possible. We currently ship to the lower 48 states. We must both agree upon shipping dates before geckos are shipped. Good communication is a must. Shipping can be delayed by extreme weather conditions and scheduling conflicts.


 All geckos have a live arrival guarantee. Someone must be present to receive your shipment on the first delivery attempt or your live arrival guarantee will be void. Packages are to be opened immediately. If your gecko arrives colder than room temperature leave it in its shipping container for awhile so it can adjust slowly to room temperature. In the rare event of "dead on arrival" we will require you to take pictures of the gecko and contact us immediately by email for the live arrival guarantee to be honored. 

 We cannot guarantee that a gecko will not drop its tail during shipping. Although extremely rare, this is a possibility that is beyond our control. Temperature sexing (TS) is not 100% accurate and cannot be guaranteed. Any gecko recessive gene (Het) listed as "possible" or listed at less than 100% cannot be determined without test breeding. Although we handle all our geckos, each one has its own personality and cannot be guaranteed to be "tame". 

 Please be ready to receive your gecko. Read all applicable care sheets and have your habitat already set up.


 Giant is NOT a description of a leopard gecko's size, it is a genetic mutation. If a gecko is listed as "Giant" or "Super Giant" it is referring to its genetic predisposition to possibly become large or possibly produce large offspring. Along with genetics, the diet and feeding habits of individual geckos play a major role in a gecko's size. Therefore, no guarantees will be given as to a gecko's size potential. Please be aware of this before purchasing a Giant leopard gecko.


 Enigma leopard geckos can develop severe neurological problems. This has been dubbed Enigma Syndrome (ES). This syndrome is attached to the Enigma gene. Many breeders have tried to eliminate it through selective breeding and failed. Some breeders do not breed Enigmas at all for this reason. But in my opinion, it can be lessened with selective breeding and by not breeding 2 Enigmas to each other. I have several Enigmas that are very healthy and have unique color and pattern combinations that cannot be achieved in other morphs. However this syndrome can appear at any time of an Enigma gecko's life and can be aggravated by stress. This includes the stress of shipping. We do not sell Enigmas with severe syndrome symptoms, but we cannot guarantee a gecko's symptoms will not worsen at a later date. We believe all Enigmas have ES, it is just a question of how severe. All Enigma geckos seem, at the very least, to move a little slower than other geckos. Please do your own research and decide if owning an Enigma leopard gecko is right for you.


 We will always strive to provide great customer service and operate with ethical business practices. We will be courteous and fair and we ask the same of you. Thank you for considering Firestorm Geckos for your gecko purchase.

 We really appreciate your business.